SMS and Web Accomplishment and Time (SWAT) Recording

Text messaging is one of the most powerful data collection methods, either by collecting data directly through SMS surveys or using text messaging as a method of delivering links and reminding participants to complete them.

Whether you want to deploy text message surveys or simply use text messaging as a way to remind volunteers to complete surveys/diaries/journals on apps, the web, or paper.

SMS Data Collection in the Division of Ozamiz City is used to collect Work From Home attendance for DepEd employees by sending SMS data to the School Head or SMS Attendance In-Charge.

If internet connection warrants, employees can also send data through web form:

School Head or SMS Attendance In-charge shall install an Android App for sending all collected SMS data to server. The installer or APK file can be downloaded here (October 14, 2020 update): 

Ozamiz SMS Log APK

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SMS and Web Accomplishment and Time (SWAT) Recording

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National Teachers’ Month


The National Teachers’ Month (NTM), held from September 5 to October 5, is a movement led by the Department of Education (DepEd), and various multi-sectoral groups which recognize Filipino teachers and educators and their contribution in shaping the country’s future through the “My Teacher, My Hero” campaign. The overall idea of the NTM celebrations is to engage the nation in joining the celebrations by bringing out the Teacher’s Day festivities from schools and into the public sphere.

Since 2011, the NTM movement has gained momentum beginning with the Presidential Proclamation 242 which formally declared “the period from September 5 to October 5 of every year as National Teachers’ Month”. In 2016, the movement reached a milestone with the enactment of the Republic Act 10743, official designating “October 5 of every year as National Teacher’s Day’,” – the culminating event of the NTM celebrations.

NTM intensifies its campaign to foster a culture of appreciation among the country’s heroes and heroines in the classrooms by engaging the public as well as various sectors to recognize the Filipino teachers’ service and contribution to national development.

NTM aims to engage the public in appreciating the contributions of Filipino teachers and the nobility of the teaching profession.

NTM through the years:
2008 – The Teachers’ Month Campaign (TMC) was conceived with the theme, “Teacher Ko, Idol Ko”
2009 – TMC was re launched with the official tagline “My Teacher, My Hero”
2011 – Program proclamation No. 242 was issued, “declaring the period of September 5 – October 5 of every year as National Teacher’s Month”
2012 – Metrobank Foundation, Inc. (MBFI) was invited to share the NTM initiative at the 2012 UNESCO World Teacher’s Day celebration in Paris, France
2014 – The NTM Digital Celebration was held for the first time
2015 – More than 6,000 teachers participated in the First World Teachers’ Day celebration held at the Philippine Sports Arena which was graced by His Excellency Benigno Aquino III
2016 – Republic Act No. 10743 was signed declaring October 5 declaring “National Teachers’ Day”

Document Tracking System V 2.0

The Document Tracking System is a flexible software for organizations that need to manage and track documents & materials assigned to a person or location.
Developed for school and offices. Tracks document submitted, forwarded, kept/filed, and released/returned.

If you're familiar with codeigniter, you can skip reading this...

1. upload or copy folder to your xampp folder (x:\xampp\htdocs\) where x is your drive letter.
2. edit values on database.php (username, password, database) located at x:\xampp\htdocs\doctracs\application\config folder
3. change favicon logo with your own, located at x:\xampp\htdocs\doctracs\assets\images
4. database (db_doctracs.sql) is located at x:\xampp\htdocs\doctracs\database

edit all you can! happy coding...

Download Document Tracking System Here
Download Xampp Installer Here

Just login, navigate, and explore... if you have comments, questions, and suggestions message me at

admin role
username: password: 1q2w3e4r5t

staff role
username: password: 1q2w3e4r5t

Demo Video:

Powerful Wifi Router Access Point at a Cheaper Cost

NEWIFI 3 D2 - Dual Band Long Range | WiFi Router Access Point |
Built with DUAL CORE Processor and a massive 512MB memory which can can cater up to 250 concurrent users.

How to Print PDF File in Booklet

Booklet printing using Adobe Reader to fast track module printing and save ink and bond papers at the same time.