SMS and Web Accomplishment and Time (SWAT) Recording

Text messaging is one of the most powerful data collection methods, either by collecting data directly through SMS surveys or using text messaging as a method of delivering links and reminding participants to complete them.

Whether you want to deploy text message surveys or simply use text messaging as a way to remind volunteers to complete surveys/diaries/journals on apps, the web, or paper.

SMS Data Collection in the Division of Ozamiz City is used to collect Work From Home attendance for DepEd employees by sending SMS data to the School Head or SMS Attendance In-Charge.

If internet connection warrants, employees can also send data through web form:

School Head or SMS Attendance In-charge shall install an Android App for sending all collected SMS data to server. The installer or APK file can be downloaded here (October 14, 2020 update): 

Ozamiz SMS Log APK

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SMS and Web Accomplishment and Time (SWAT) Recording

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