How To Reset Epson L5190

How to reset the waste ink pad of  Epson L5190 Printer when Epson printers reaches a certain print volume, it shows 'a printer's ink pad is at the end of its service life,
please contact Epson Support' message. We searched a lot for its adjustment program but couldn't find anything for free. We have to pay around 10 to 15 dollars but we don't have a payment gateway. If this is a problem you don't have to worry about it. I shared full version of Epson L5190 Adjustment Program with Keygen. Please Follow the steps.

1. First of all turn on your printer and connect to the computer. Then Antivirus does not allow  Adjustment Program and Keygen, so you should disable/pause antivirus protection before downloading.

2. Right click on zip file and extract the software.

3. Then open folders and run Adjprog. When you open Adjprog, you will see following message (like This application has been registered to ------). Click on Ok then it shows another dialog box with your hardware ID (Machine ID). Note your hardware id in notepad carefully.

4. Now go to Specific Generators (Keygen) folder >> EXE and open WLGen_Epson L5190.   

application. Then Specific Key Generator window will open. Click on License Manager.

5. Click on License Manager tab, then you will see another License Manager Window.

6. Then Click on Add License, after that you will see Add License box.

-Type  Customer Name: eg. doctorfix
- Type Company : eg. pcclinic
- Give your hardware id : 1057-5AEF-38F3-4513-CC60-63AE-58F7-2706 then click on Save.

7. Click on Create License key. License Generation dialog box will appears, Click on OK.

8. Then one license folder will add on Keygen folder. Open that folder and copy all files and paste in main folder like following. (You can also run license.reg file)

9. Now, open Adjprog. You will see following dialog box.

10. Then Click on Particular Adjustment mode. Then another dialog box appears shown as below.

12. Choose the Waste ink pad counter and click on OK. Then again another dialog box appears.

13. Tick the box in both boxes and Click on Check to see point. You see Main pad counter and Platen pad counter point. Again tick  both box and click on Initialize. Then one dialog box will appear .

14. Click on Ok. Then process start.

Finally turn off your printer and open it again. Now your printer will work with fun.

Download Epson L5190 Adjustment Program here.

See tutorial in video:

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