Powerful Wifi Router Access Point at a Cheaper Cost

NEWIFI 3 D2 - Dual Band Long Range | WiFi Router Access Point |
Built with DUAL CORE Processor and a massive 512MB memory which can can cater up to 250 concurrent users.
Pre-flashed with latest Padavan Firmware with BREED boot loader to provide maximum flexibility in terms of software and functions. 360° Long Range WiFi Coverage and Mesh (Link to Link) Capability via WDS 5GHz. Plus it's Dual Band 2.4 / 5GHz | 802.11ac WiFi compliant to accommodate latest mobile phones as well as the oldest ones.
Product Specification:
  •  CPU: MediaTek MT7621AT
  •  CPU Cores: 2 (Dual Core Processor)
  •  CPU MHz: 880
  •  Flash MB: 32
  •  RAM MB: 512
  •  Ethernet Gigabit ports: 5 (1 WAN, 4 LAN)
  •  VLAN: Yes
  •  WLAN 2.4GHz: b/g/n
  •  WLAN 5.0GHz: a/n/ac
  •  Power Supply: 12v 2A
WiFi Router Comparison Bracket A
Newifi 3 D2 stands out among the rest of its competitors, specs wise and price wise. The main advantage is that it can cater up to 250 concurrent users without breaking a sweat.
WiFi Router Comparison Bracket B
On this bracket, Newifi 3 D2 can compete head to head with the big boys. The key take away on this is that we can offer the same hardware and software specs as the big boys have, BUT in a cheaper cost.

Unboxing and testing
Bought from PC Portal Ozamiz

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