How to Print PDF File in Booklet

Booklet printing using Adobe Reader to fast track module printing and save ink and bond papers at the same time.

This video will teach us on how we can use 75% less paper and 50% less ink by printing the modules (or any PDF) in booklet format :)
Suggested for higher grade levels from Grade 4 to Grade 12 only.
1. Download Adobe Reader and install. (Skip this step if you already installed)

Download Adobe Reader here...

2. Open your module with Adobe Reader.
3. Ctrl + P or click Print Icon to display print window.
4. Select your installed printer and choose available paper size
5. Choose Booklet under Paper Size and Handling

    Leave the other settings like Booklet subset value as  Both Sides, Sheets From, and Binding (Left). Anyways you can configure it if you want the other way or which of it fits to you. Just explore all the possibilities.
6. Click print and process window pops-up.
   It will print the front pages and prompts to resume if you start  printing  the back pages.

Step by step video tutorial >>>

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